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12 February 2014

Investing in Reproductive Health: supporting efforts to ensure access to reproductive health

UNFPA Pacific, Suva (January 08, 2014) - The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) Pacific Sub-Regional Office (PSRO) on Wednesday affirmed its support towards the efforts of the Ministry of Social... Read more

30 January 2014

Story's in the data - an Opinion-Editorial by UNFPA Pacific Director and Representative Dirk Jena

THERE is something that I have not really discussed here perhaps because it can become rather technical and cumbersome for some but it is one of the cornerstones of our, the United Nations Population... Read more

23 January 2014

Global citizenry - why international meetings matter

Suva (Fiji) January 23,2014 - EVER wondered why governments send delegations to international meetings or conferences, particularly for small island nations such as ours for whom these trips must... Read more

15 January 2014

Effect of our culture - an Opinion-Editorial by UNFPA Pacific Director and Representative Dirk Jena

THE United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) mandate - maternal health, adolescent sexual and reproductive health, gender equality and reproductive rights and population dynamics - covers some of the... Read more

1 January 2014

Good health to all - an Opinion-Editorial by UNFPA Pacific Director and Representative Dirk Jena

LAST month, member states of the United Nations (UN) agreed that they would increase efforts towards universal access to affordable and quality health-care services, thereby affirming state... Read more

23 November 2013

Asian and Pacific Countries Endorse Forward-looking Agenda on Population, Development and Rights

BANGKOK, Thailand - A high-level, regional intergovernmental conference has issued a ringing reaffirmation that gender equality, sexual and reproductive health and reproductive rights are... Read more

14 August 2013

Ensure the Pacific voice is heard in the global development agenda: UNFPA urges leaders

August 14, Suva (UNFPA) - If the voice of the Pacific is absent from the new global development agenda to be implemented from 2015 on, that plan will be less effective, less credible and less... Read more

2 July 2013

Learning family life - an Opinion-Editorial

REGARDLESS of one's ethnicity, religious beliefs, political affiliation or the section of town you grew up in, there is an extremely high likelihood that you went to school - particularly now that... Read more