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6 June 2017
Press Release

UNFPA mourns passing of Executive Director

"This is a devastating loss for UNFPA and for the people, especially women, girls and youth, he dedicated his life to serving, starting from when he became a doctor in Nigeria. UNFPA expresses its... Read more

27 March 2017
Press Release

UNFPA México en alianza con Johnson & Johnson fortalecen programas de formación de parteras profesionales en varios estados

Cuernavaca, Morelos.-El Fondo de Población de las   Naciones   Unidas   (UNFPA) en   México en alianza    con    Johnson    &    Johnson   fortalecen programas de formación de parteras... Read more

29 November 2016

Equality - a precondition for development

AS we embark upon the 2030 Development Agenda, one in three women worldwide have experienced some form of physical or sexual violence, usually perpetrated by someone she knows. Protecting women and... Read more

21 October 2016

10: How our future depends on a girl at this decisive age

UNFPA Pacific, Suva, Fiji (October 21, 2016) - A report released today by the United Nations Population Fund highlights the need to invest in the lives of an estimated 60 million 10-year-old girls in... Read more

20 October 2016

OpED: Why our future depends on a 10-year-old girl - By Dr Babatunde Osotimehin

Take a moment to imagine a 10-year-old girl right now. What do you see? Is she in school? Is she laughing with friends? Do you imagine her riding a bike or playing ball? On roller skates or en pointe... Read more

17 October 2016

Making Girls Count in the Sustainable Development Goals Era

There is no doubt that our peoples and nations can experience inclusive growth and progress but it requires a brave confrontation of fundamental realities that dictate one's life, even minutes after... Read more

7 October 2016

The people behind the numbers - planning for progress

Fundamental to any national development plan is or should be a population policy: it is not a policy to control the number of children you have for this is a basic human right of all individuals, but... Read more

5 October 2016

Maternal health care surveillance training boost for Solomon Islands

UNFPA Pacific, Honiara (Solomon Islands) October 05, 2016 - Health workers in the maternal health care field are advancing their knowledge and capacity in a two-day training provided by the United... Read more

4 October 2016

Solomon Islands Launches National Population Policy 2017-2026

UNFPA Pacific, Honiara (Solomon Islands) October 4, 2016 - Continuing efforts to ensure targeted national development planning in the Solomon Islands reached a milestone today with the launch of its... Read more

3 October 2016

Positive about ageing - Be involved, take a stand against ageism

With the global shifting of population dynamics influenced by various factors including climate change, population ageing is a phenomenon we as nations are all experiencing but may not be preparing... Read more