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This is a collection of 18 good practices on South-South and Triangular Cooperation (SSTC) documented and shared by UNFPA regional and country offices. Among the cases you will find here are for instance an excellent set of SSTC initiatives on the census. There is also an interesting case of determining the social returns of investment. Of course, there are many other cases in various areas of the UNFPA mandate.  

These good practices are the latest additions to the growing compendium of UNFPA documentation of SSTC initiatives.  Together, they are a reflection of the success of UNFPA’s instrumental role as facilitator of SSTC and of its capacity to leverage SSTC as a programme accelerator for results. They can also be used for advocacy, to inform programme design, and to find ideas for potential SSTC partners. The cumulative total of 63 documented SSTC practices can all be found in the South-South Galaxy, the UN system-wide SSTC platform. They are also linked to the UNFPA website for SSTC and the SSTC Community in myUNFPA. Please check them out and share them with your colleagues and partners. Equally important, please continue to document and share with us your SSTC success stories.