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The main aim for the Health Service Reediness and services Availability survey was to establish a baseline for readiness of health facilities and service availability in areas of Maternal, Sexual & Reproductive Health, and Adolescent Health services inclusive of Gender based violence and Disability friendly services. The findings of the survey recommendation would then serves as basis for formation of new policy and strategic direction of The Ministry of Health & Medical Services in the specific areas of the study. The survey would also assist the Ministry to advocate for finding support to implementation of the recommendation for improvement of service delivery. The HFRSA assessment was designed as a census using an instrument that includes observations of physical inventory and tools (i.e. guidelines, job-aids), records and reports (i.e. stock cards, clinical registers, health management information systems reports (HMIS), as well as interviews with service providers at the sites. The survey was based on what was available on that day with retrospective focus on data and rule out periods of stock out of supplies.