Finau* had no plans of becoming a mother anytime soon. She was young and still in school. But her life took a turn when she became pregnant unexpectedly and had to temporarily leave school. Finau is one of the many women and girls in Fiji - one in five (1) - who is not using any method of contraception despite not having plans to establish or expand her family. Family planning enables women to decide when they wou...
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When she turned 16, Livia* was like any other young woman drawn by new feelings to explore physical intimacy with her boyfriend. But, also like many youths in the Pacific, Livia had limited access to information or education that could help her make informed decisions about relationships and sex. She became pregnant and delivered her baby at 17. In the Pacific sub-region, adolescent birth rate for 6 of the 14 co...
This is a collection of 18 good practices on South-South and Triangular Cooperation (SSTC) documented and shared by UNFPA regional and country offices. Among the cases you will find here are for instance an excellent set of SSTC initiatives on the census. There is also an interesting case of determining the social returns of investment. Of course, there are many other cases in various areas of the UNFPA mandate.   T...

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31 December 2021
Title: Assistant Representative, (FSM) Federated States of Micronesia  Call to Action ●      Can you lead and manage...